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Old Spitalfields Market

6 December 2014

Just five minutes from Liverpool Street Station, the Old Spitalfields Market is a terrific location for shopping since you will get to choose from both stalls and shops (as well as restaurants).
Open seven days a week, unlike other markets, its displays change on a daily basis, thus check on the official website what is going on before planning a visit.
It is also close to Brick Lane Market, which takes place only on Sundays (do not mess up!).

Let’s get the tour started!
First stop: food stalls! Have a delicious breakfast with some home-made cakes and biscuits, even if it is the second breakfast of the day. And if someone bothers you, tell them you are a Hobbit!

IMG_5683Are you an inquisitive, logical person? Is Sherlock Holmes your hero?
What about wearing the same hat that made him famous?
You can always go for a normal hat if you wish, no pressure.

IMG_5699IMG_5688The ladies might either prefer some colourful Wellingtons…

IMG_5708…or perfectly sculpted skull candles (20£)!

IMG_5713During your visit you will also find, among tons of products, laser cut cards, flower headbands and moustache door mats!


IMG_5735IMG_5725IMG_5730Once in Spitalfields you cannot miss out Poppies’ award-winning fish&chips!
It is not in the market but just outside.
Expect a warm 1950s’ atmosphere, with dolled up waiters and old style music.
You can take-away too, a good idea when the place is packed. Or you can go to the the other restaurant their own in Camden!


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