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Natural History Museum

4 February 2015

Museums are not boring at all, especially when it comes to the Natural History Museum!
It is literally just 3 minutes away from the Victoria & Albert Museum so if you select the exhibitions (you better) you can easily visit them in the same day, maybe after having had a gourmand stop at Harrods’ food hall.
My only tip: avoid going during the week-end, unless you do not mind queueing outside and visiting the galleries with wild children screaming and running right, left and centre.
Unfortunately I went to the Natural History Museum last week-end with some friends that were staying just two days. We waited two hours queueing outside and inside the museum, and we only managed to see the dinosaurs’ exhibition.

IMG_6375IMG_6384IMG_6388IMG_6391This fascinating, two-coloured building is mainly made of terracotta tiles. Why? Because it was built during the Victorian era, when London polluted air turned white edifices into black.
Flora and fauna are recalled by the gargoyles on the top of the museum, monkeys climbing up the columns and flowery decorations.
At the very beginning, the Natural History Museum was a separate department of the famous British Museum. It  gained its independence in 1963… yes, in this country even museums become independent! Even Charles Darwin advocated for the independence.
The museum finally got its name in 1992, when an Act changed it from British Museum (Natural History) to Natural History Museum.
But let’s go inside!
A giant replica of a Diplodicus of 26 metres is standing in the central hall, welcoming visitors.

IMG_6402IMG_6409IMG_6425IMG_6477It does look like Hogwarts!
If you are planning a visit to London, do not miss this museum! The entrance is free and if you wish you can make a donation.
I will return to the Natural History Museum again because the dinosaurs gallery is nothing but a small area (with a moving, roaring t-rex, truth to be told) of this enormous building, which also has a marble of Charles Darwin at the top of the stairs.



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