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Highgate Cemetery

14 October 2015

Do you happen to visit graveyards when you are exploring a new place?
If not, it is something you should do. I know it may sound creepy but it isn’t, trust me.
Some cities, London for instance, host beautiful and full of atmosphere cemeteries.
Therefore I couldn’t help but bring you to Highgate Cemetery, in North London.
Once there, you can visit both East and West sides. Nevertheless while you can always take a stroll in the East cemetery (the entrance is 4£), you have to book a guided tour in order to visit the West side.
That’s the reason why  you will only see pictures of the Eastern part: my friends and I could not book the guided tour since tickets were sold out.
The beauty of the Highgate Cemetery is in its atmosphere: ancient graves surrounded by an apparently wild nature.

IMG_1735IMG_1717IMG_1730copertinaIMG_1701IMG_1828One of the most famous figures of the East Cemetery is Karl Marx.
His friend Engels purchased the grave, which wasn’t initially situated in the centre of the cemetery.
In 1956 the Marx Memorial Fund purchased a new grave, easily recognisable from the enormous monument of the philosopher.

IMG_1720IMG_1718Another famous figure of the Cemetery is George Eliot, aka Mary Ann Cross.
Take your time wandering between the graves covered in ivy, admiring the marble statues.

IMG_1700IMG_1706IMG_1731IMG_1826IMG_1822IMG_1721You can also spot some peculiar graves, the one of a Supreme Ruler of a Masonic Order or another one with Emperor the faithful dog for instance.
The cemetery hosts even some lively feline guests!

IMG_1743IMG_1751IMG_1789If you are in London for more than a week-end, give a chance to both sides of Highgate Cemetery, it is really worth visiting!

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