Chinese New Year

23 February 2015

Happy year of the sheep everyone!
Chinese new year was a couple of days ago but the bulk of the celebrations took place yesterday in Chinatown.
At 10:30am some friends and I went to Shaftesbury Avenue in order to conquer a place on the parade’s way, which started at 10:15am near Trafalgar Square.
The thing that impressed us the most was the fact that even English people (and two double deckers too) participated in the procession. Since it was Chinese new year we just thought only Chinese people would have taken part into the celebrations, but we were so wrong.
It was a wonderful example of coexistence!

IMG_6967IMG_6917IMG_6994IMG_6959IMG_6963IMG_6970IMG_6975After the parade we went to Trafalgar Square, filled with stalls (even non-Chinese ones selling donuts and churros) and a stage for the afternoon exhibitions. We arrived early and we managed to enter the square without queueing, but after a hour the security staff closed the area and people had no choice but wait in line.
Unfortunately the stalls were not selling food, so we had to find another place to have lunch. Nevertheless a friend bought an entire box of fortune cookies, 4 for each one of us, just to ensure 2015 will be a lucky year!

IMG_7026IMG_7010IMG_6872IMG_6875A bit disappointed by the lack of street food we went back to Chinatown and had lunch in Jen Cafe, the place to go if you fancy some Chinese dumplings!
I discovered this cafe two years ago during a romantic trip to London: it was on our Lonely Planet guide. Since then, I ate there many other times and all I can say is: order hand-made fried dumplings! The price is reasonable (7 dumplings for 6£) and they are so tasty!
Celebrations ended at 6pm but it was cold, packed and we had to study, so we went back home after lunch.


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