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Borough Market

8 October 2014

Borough Market is a wholesale and retail food market.
It is open from Wednesday to Saturday and its opening hours vary depending on the day.
It is a real gourmets’ paradise!
Take a stroll along the delicatessen stalls and you will find Italian cured hams, French oysters and fromages.
The wide range of food will please anybody, especially the sugar addicted ones!

Borough Market is just a few minutes’ walking from London Bridge Station (Underground and National Rail Services).
Just follow the indications outside the station and stop under the bridge: you should be on Borough High Street. Can you see a church?
Cross the street: it is the Southwark Cathedral (which has a bar inside of it!).

IMG_4679You should a street below ground level (as in the following picture).
Take the stairs and enter Borough Market!
You can also take the other entrance between the pillars of the bridge.

Once inside, you will be surrounded by cakes and sweets!
Loads of biscuits, even owl shaped ones!

IMG_4691French pastries never hurt anyobody!

IMG_4693Even so, do you really care about it?

IMG_4696Seriously, have you ever seen giant cookies?

IMG_4703 And what about the meringues?

IMG_4702Are you telling me you can pick up just one type of these nuts?


Some stalls sell Arabic sweets too: baklavas and colourful Turkish lokum for instance.


This market offers high-level gastronomic products, even truffles!
If you cannot buy them, smell them!

IMG_4727Whether you just want to stroll around the stalls or have lunch on a Saturday morning, I suggest going to the market early, at least before 11am, otherwise it will be too crowded.

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